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Measurement Sciences Inc (MSI) is an employee owned Geomatics Engineering and Land Surveying firm. We pride ourselves on evolving our services by implementing the latest technology and techniques to ensure our clients are getting the best services in the industry. MSI is committed to engaging with clients to provide value and build long term professional relationships.


MSI is focused on providing clients with the highest quality products. MSI utilizes the latest technology, techniques combined with highly trained professionals and technicians. Offering multiple advanced services allows MSI to meet the challenging scopes of our clients.

Featured Project


Real Time Monitoring: Geotechnical Hazard – Northern Alberta Slope

Active slope in a remote northern Alberta location. Continuous real time GNSS / tilt sensors placed on pipeline slope to monitor ground surface movement / deformation.

Provided regular movement monitoring reports / updates on the magnitude and direction of the movements along with accelerations and trends. System had real time alarms set at specific thresholds delivered via email or text message. Stations are removable and re-usable, can be installed without ground disturbance.

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