Aerial Erosion Inspection

High water levels in major rivers can cause extensive damage to banks. They slump, erode, and can encroach towards buried pipelines. MSI was tasked to create a monitoring solution for a monitoring the erosion of a river encroaching onto a clients pipeline. Conventional survey methods were not possible as the bank was active and the safety of workers would be compromised. The solution of using a Sensefly Ebee and creating a scheduled monitoring program to monitor the bank was best suited for the project. The benefits of aerial monitoring were being able to complete the survey a safe distance from the active bank, save on labour and equipment costs and to be able to monitor the site more frequently. An initial survey was completed to place targets around the work area a safe distance from the bank. This would enable the resulting orthophotos to be geo-referenced. Historical imagery was used to determine how the bank had eroded over decades and incorporated into the deliverable. The current top of bank was able to be traced off the geo-referenced image and measured to the pipeline.     


                                                           Aerial Inspection 3