Real Time Monitoring: Above Gound Pipeline & Slope

In 2010, MSI was tasked with monitoring the movement of an above ground pipeline using conventional static GPS methods. After a few years of completing static campaigns, it was determined that monitoring intervals needed to be increased. MSI was able to install a system to provide continuous monitoring of specific points on top of the pipe. The data was stored on site and still required site visits to collect the data for processing. MSI was then tasked to create a solution to monitor the movement of the pipe and gather data at any time without a site visit.

In 2014, MSI partnered with firms across North America to create a monitoring system that could be attached to the pipe and inserted into the ground to constantly record measurements which could be remotely sent to be processed. GPS receivers were attached to predetermined locations on the pipeline and connected to a power station which includes a transmitting radio and GPS modem. Each station works independently, relaying data to a base station which transmits the information back to MSI. The data is processed in order to determine movement on the pipeline +/- 5mm. A reference network is also installed in stable locations around the site to ensure quality of the measurements. 

To monitor sub ground movement, unused piezometer bore holes were used by MSI to install Shape Accel Arrays (SAA) which were then incorporated into nearby power stations. This system enables MSI to relate pipe movement to subsurface movement along the slope. The system works off of solar energy which allows the system to stay functioning year round and is able to be accessed via cellular modem.


IMG_0201GPS Results20160502_105534SAA Results