• Pipeline Integrity • Depth of Cover Surveys

Pipeline Integrity • Depth of Cover Surveys

Starting in 2008, MSI has been surveying and mapping water course crossings and slope hazards for the pipeline industry. MSI has steadily improved our capability and methodology to keep up with the increasing demands of our clients and regulators.

These surveys typically include detailed topographic and hydrographic data collection combined with accurate three-dimensional pipeline location and the location of any crucial hazard data. These surveys are also supplemented with UAV imagery which can be compared to past aerial images for comparison.

Comparison plans showing changes in a watercourse and bank alignment are generated following return visits to the same site. These allow the monitoring of the watercourse and changes in depth of cover especially after a high flow event.


  • Profile and plan views of the pipeline
  • Detailed underwater and watercourse bank mapping
  • UAV aerial orthophoto
  • Additional hydrographic information including water flow valves upstream, downstream and at the pipeline crossing.
  • Terrestrial and aerial photos
  • Overlay of survey data with current and past aerial imagery


  • Multi-Frequency Pipe Locators
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Geodetic Grade Single Beam, Multibeam, and Sidescan Sonar
  • Legal right-of-way boundary expertise (Alberta) 
  • Accurate depth of cover through water crossings



Depth of Cover Deliverable Example