• UAV Mapping and Aerial Photography

UAV Mapping and Aerial Photography

MSI has been at the leading edge of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology deployment since purchasing their first UAV in 2012. MSI is always testing new devices and software to improve the quality and precision of the information we deliver to our clients. MSI several different models of UAV’s that we use on a regular basis for a variety of applications.


  • High Resolution Orthophotos (5 Mm – 5 Cm Resolution In RGB And/Or NIR)   
  • Dense Point Clouds (5 Mm – 5 Cm Resolution)
  • Volume And Earthworks Calculations   
  • Erosion and Watercourse Monitoring Plans
  • Fly-Through Animations
  • Erosion Monitoring Plans
  • “Bird’s Eye View” Oblique Aerial Photo
  • 360 Aerial Photosphere


Volume Calculation

powerhouse flythrough

Powerhouse Flythrough