Bathymetric Surveying

Shallow Water Mapping Proficiency

Measurement Sciences Inc. has extensive experience and unmatched capability with bathymetric surveys in Western Canada. For over a decade, MSI has provided bathymetric services using various state of the art sounders and proprietary software to map river and lake beds.


  • Single and Multibeam Bathymetry
  • Dual Frequency Sub-Bottom Profiling
  • Side Scan
  • Sonar Imaging
  • Riverbed Change Detection
  • Scour Surveys
  • Dam Safety Reviews

Projects Inclusive of Service

  • Dam Safety Review
  • Pine River Riverbed Monitoring
  • Storm Pond
  • Assessment

Advanced Bahymetric Mapping

Combining single and multibeam echosounding data to create high resolution-underwater surfaces. Applications include, pipeline integrity inspection, hydrotechnical inspection dredge volumes, sinkhole and construction layouts.


Fleet of watercrafts

MSI has various sized watercraft and propulsion to safely complete a project in any watercourse in Western Canada.


Single and Mulitbeam Echosounders

Multiple sounder options allows MSI to complete a full range of scopes.


Multiple deliverables

Completed deliverables range from topographic maps to interactive 3D models of the surface.

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