• Bathymetric Surveying

Bathymetric Surveying

MSI has extensive experience and unmatched capability with bathymetric surveys in Western Canada. We use several different types of bathymetric echo sounders and proprietary data collection software and methods to map river and lake beds.

Comparison plans showing changes in a body of water’s bottom and banks can be generated following return visits to the same area.

Survey Types
Single And Multi Beam Bathymetry   •    Dual Frequency Sub-Bottom Profiling   •   Side Scan Sonar Imaging

Point Cloud Data or Contoured Bathymetric Plans   •   Contours Overlayed current or past Aerial Imagery   •    Linework, including Bathymetric Contours in KMZ Format for use on Google Earth’s Platform.

MSI has been working to give clients the best representation of river bottoms. The integration of the Shaded Multibeam has allowed that to happen.